Hi everyone!

I found some time from goodness knows where to share my little valentines project for Ben with you guys. You might remember my WIP post from November – well I finally got around to finishing it!



I finished it off (at last!), printed it and put it in a little frame with a message on the back. I wil freely admit it’s not the most inspiring thing I have ever made but I quite liked that it was a bit rough around the edges.

I find valentine’s fairly tiring sometimes – seeing countless people posting their teddy bears holding hearts and huge bright pink cards makes me feel a bit sad. I like the sentiment of the day but it does feel like a lot of people trying to buy each other out. On that note I always try to make something by hand, still in keeping with remembering the people we love but without buying any of the commercially made stuff.

Sorry for the absence again lately – life always gets in the way, doesn’t it? I received a couple of commissions in the last month which have taken over my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon when they are released!


November 2013 – Work In Progress

This is a short one from November of Ben and I, done at 3am and drawn after picking up my pen for the first time in months. Maybe I’ll finish it on another late night.


This is yet another interesting venture into a new style of illustration I have been developing a lot recently and one which you will probably see more of!

Nina x

Owlies and My First Quilt!

I have been very quiet on my blog recently so I thought I would update it with my latest adventures! It was my birthday this week and I am now officially an adult – hooray!

The night before I was at my school art exhibition and I won a prize for my final pieces which I posted on here a few weeks ago. Honestly I didn’t think I deserved it, looking at the quantity and quality of other people’s work but it was really rewarding to receive and a confidence booster none-the-less :]

At said exhibition a certain friend of mine gave me a birthday present, which was none other than some Owlies she had made! They were so lovely and the biggest one even had ’18’ stitched onto its tummy! It was such a thoughtful present and even though I got some amazing things for my birthday they are definitely one of my favourites :]

So where is this going you may ask? Well, this amazing gift inspired me to create my own Owlie as a gift for my music teacher of 10 years, since I had my last lesson with her this week (sad face). Without further ado, meet Edith the Owlie!!!


Eyes and Beak Stitching

Close Up of Gathering at Bottom

Isn’t she cute?! I’m really quite proud of her! :] I haven’t had the heart to give her to my teacher yet either, she has become a bit of a fixture… I may have to make my self another so that I can bare the parting!



My fabric.

Well, this crafting day lead to my eagerness to start another one of my big summer projects… a quilt!! I am making a quilt for my beautiful baby god daughter whose Christening will be in Austria at the end of the month! I ordered the quilt fabric a few weeks ago and now that it has arrived I began this afternoon!!

This is a picture of my fabric bought from The Fabric Frieze on Ebay, and as you can see it perfectly suits a baby girl :]



Paper template.


Next thing was to cut up all my fabric, and boy was that a job. My method was to cut out an 8″ x 8″ square and use it as a template.




Cutting out!


I ended up drawing round it in pencil to get the lines right as I was cutting out. As someone who has not done a great deal of  textiles I didn’t have many supplies and fabric scissors were sorely missed it must be said.







After all that I laid out all my squares in a pattern that I was pleased with and came up with this!

Final Layout!

Overall I’m pleased with what I’ve done so far, now I just have a lot of sewing ahead of me :] I managed to sew across two rows tonight so if I can keep up that pace I should be done before we leave for Austria!!

If you have got this far then thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend! :]

For the quilt making process I have been following these instructions. After spending a lot of time looking for a simple, jargon-free set of instructions for the first time quilt maker I was so pleased to find this blog post! I highly recommend it if you are thinking of making your first patchwork quilt! 

 On the post there are no hem widths mentioned for when you start sewing the patches together but I have been going 1 cm from the edge and that seems to be working ok!