Northern Ireland.

Last weekend I went to Northern Ireland for my cousins Hen-Do. I travelled up there on the Thursday where we had a very informative taxi tour of Belfast with a fabulous guide to start off the trip (if you are visiting I highly recommend it).

What I saw in Belfast did shock me, estates are locked up in curfew hours by barricades, and people live with walls dividing their city, not unlike they did in Berlin. The experience saddened me, that people can be so vicious and unforgiving – although I suppose we have all known for a long time that that is human nature. Just look at Israel and Palestine right now.

Anyway, these are some of the photos of our trip, including a walk to the Giant’s Causeway and a beautiful tour of the coast to go with it! I hope you enjoy them.

The Ring of Thanksgiving, Belfast.

The Peace Wall, Belfast.



Murals in the Shankill Estate, Belfast.


Murals on Falls Road, Belfast.


Driving along the coast.


Standing on the Giant’s Causeway.


Waves on the rocks by the sea.


Mum on the cliff tops.


View from our window in the early morning sun.


Port Rush, North Coast.


Port Rush seafront.


Hot chocolates at Dunluce Castle, Port Rush.


Port Rush landscape.


Dunluce Castle profile.


The Di Cara girls on tour in Northern Ireland!


Thanks for looking, from


-Peace Wall, Belfast

A Few Changes To Be Made…

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking about my blog for awhile, knowing that I need to adapt it to my interests and what I am up to so I have decided to make a few changes.

Firstly, I am going to change this to a purely photographic blog. I intended it originally to be everything creative but to be honest, photography is slowly stealing my heart and I plan to follow it. Occasionally I might put up some drawings or artwork I have done but the main content will be my photos.

Secondly is the ‘issue’ of my 365. Some of my photos, I really don’t like. I don’t feel like I should be putting them up here where I only want to publicise my best work. Therefore, from now on I will just show you all what I want to show. I’ll keep links to my dA and my Flickr in the description page of the blog if you want to look into more of my work but I feel the best way to put myself out there is showing what I am proud of!

Sorry for writing so much – a bit of an admin post!

Following in this fashion, this is a photo from this week that I do particularly like :]

Day Ninety Five.

That is all for today – goodbye for now, but not for long!


365: Week 11

Hello there lovely people of WordPress :]

Here are this weeks 365 photos. I am worried that some people are going to start finding this blog very repetitive so I am going to try and put up some more interesting posts over the next few weeks!

I have started using Instagram loads lately – I love it! It makes taking my daily photo so much easier. I think from now on you are going to find much more of a mix between my phone camera and my dslr.









Thanks for looking guys! I’m hoping to have something pretty cool for you soon!



365: Week 7

Here is the next weeks worth of photos including some holiday shots from my visit to Malta – some of these were taken on my compact so they’re not so great but it was easier than carrying around my chunky Canon!



Keep a look out for another post soon!


nina x