The Girl and The Stars.

This is what I have to show for this evening, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I suppose I’ve been having a bit of an artistic block…


Hopefully I’ll get through that soon and have some beautiful new things to show you but my illustration has definitely got more fun – I think I’m starting to finally develop a style. It’s something that I have always known I’d have to experiment with and wait for but now that I have finally found a mixture of media that I enjoy I am so excited.

Back soon!

Nina x


Autumn – a fairy tale.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who kept the flowers bright and the birds singing in their trees. The villagers locked her in a castle so that they may never had to live without the song of the lark or the abundance of beautiful flowers and there she stayed for many years.

But the princess was unhappy in her tower, and one early morning, as the lark cried out its freedom, the princess escaped from her confinement and left the castle to wander the trees.

As she walked, the further she trod from the castle, she saw the leaves began to change in colour, falling softly to the floor around her. There were colours that the princess had never seen before, rich hues of blood and chestnut and aging.


The villagers began to rise for the day and one by one discovered the change to their world. Cold nipped at the hems of linen dresses and the wind tugged at their hair as a crowd gathered to watch the princess walk around the castle.

The princess felt as though a great sigh had been breathed by the forest, and tension ebbed away from the exhausted trees as they finally gave in to their long awaited slumbers.

The people looked around, and slowly, slowly, realised what had happened. Slowly, slowly, they saw what the princess saw. Their eyes feasted upon the deep reds and oranges all around them, and they realised that this was even more beautiful. More beautiful than anything they had tried to preserve.

And the princess smiled, and lay back on the sodden grass to look up at the falling leaves. She was free.

Wuthering Heights

So, my English Literature exam is in almost a weeks time and I am meant to be revising my legs off for it but instead what have I been doing? Drawing characters, although it IS the closest to revision I have got over the last few weeks – maths has mainly taken over my life…

I do apologise for the shocking quality but I took this with my webcam because I don’t have access to a working scanner 😦

I have some mockups of Isabella and Cathy (snr) too but they are pretty awful and I want to refine them (a lot) before I put them online anywhere!

I think Edgar looks quite a lot like a Ken Barbie Doll but I guess that goes with his personality ;]

I do like Wuthering Heights, but I’m just getting a bit sick of it now really. The little sketches I’ve done of the characters have mainly been from when Cathy, Heathcliff and Edgar were younger and more free and to be honest, that’s my favourite part of the book.

I have a few ideas for interactions between them all, basically up to the end of the first volume but I need time to do those and I don’t think I should give myself over to it until my exams are finished! Although it is so tempting…

Finally, in case you happen to be interested these cartoons are HUGELY inspired by Burdge on Deviant Art, you should check out her work, it is amazing! Go on, have a quick look ;]

Goodnight, and happy Tuesday!