Birthday Designs!


Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished my second year exams – hooray! Last night we celebrated by going out for one of my best friends 21st birthdays – I decided to make him a birthday card 🙂

I’ve seen some lovely geometric patterns on Pinterest so decided to have a go at recreating some with a few little touches – I liked the idea of having the colour randomly spread around the circle and I’ve always liked strong geometric patterns combined with dainty ‘feminine’ type.



I was quite pleased with how it turned out! Thinking of playing around with the design a bit more to maybe get some more ideas going 🙂


happy birthday



That’s it for now folks – this summer I’m working but thinking of starting some more plasticine animation and starting up a Vimeo account and doing a few short animations – will keep you all updated!


Enjoy the lovely weather and I’ll chat to you all soon 🙂




The Girl and The Stars.

This is what I have to show for this evening, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I suppose I’ve been having a bit of an artistic block…


Hopefully I’ll get through that soon and have some beautiful new things to show you but my illustration has definitely got more fun – I think I’m starting to finally develop a style. It’s something that I have always known I’d have to experiment with and wait for but now that I have finally found a mixture of media that I enjoy I am so excited.

Back soon!

Nina x

An Unfortunate Series of Events.

This was something I did this evening for today’s 365, but obviously only used one photo (the middle one).

In between taking that one I came up with a sort of series of events for the little bread couple.

Hope you like them, I really do apologise about each photo being edited differently – at the moment they don’t look like a set colourwise, but that is definitely something I need to work on.


365: Week 10

Week Ten!

It HAS come around quickly! Almost a fifth of the way through my project! :]

Here are this weeks photos, I really do apologise for spamming you all with so many uploads tonight – I hope noone minds too much!

Day Sixty Two


Day Sixty Three.


Day Sixty Four.


Day Sixty Five.


Day Sixty Six.


Day Sixty Seven.


Day Sixty Eight.


For more info on the photos (as always!) please see my Flickr account – although I am no longer uploading every photo there, just the ones that I feel are my best :]


Thank you everyone! Your support means a lot,


Nina x







Looking Up

I absolutely cannot sleep, A Level results are tomorrow and frankly I feel a bit sick… So, instead of going to bed just yet I thought I might post my favourite photos of the sky, since it always calms me down and makes me happy :]





I do love a bit of lens flare ;]


Have a nice evening – fingers crossed next time I post it will be with good results!!

nina x


ps, please keep checking out my 365 on flickr! updates every day :]