My First Commission.

So, whilst I’m on here updating you about my 2013, it would make sense to mention what was probably my biggest achievement of the year. I was asked by my university (Cardiff University) to create an animation for them called “5 Reasons Students Love Cardiff”. You can watch it below.

Creating the animation was such a huge project for me, the first of anything like it that I have done. Here are a few of the stills from the production process.





The process was based on how I have animated in the past – creating and colouring in line drawings frame by frame in Photoshop. This meant I had to save almost every time I drew a line or coloured in a small section which did get quite frustrating. There must be an easier way!

Does any one else animate in this way or have any suggestions?

In an exciting turn of events I actually got asked to do another commission following on from a potential client seeing this video. This animation is now finished and I am hoping to share it with you as soon as it has been released by the company!

Nina x


Here’s To Distance

I made the first trip up to Aberystwyth this weekend to see Ben and obviously brought my camera…


NB you may need to double click on this to bring it up in a seperate window for it to play! 

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.

My first animated GIF. (3 loops only, refresh to watch again!)

However far it gets, I hope we’ll always be those people dancing in front of a tripod, no matter how many people are watching.


Cardiff Challenge Results!

For a few months now I’ve been making my way through a competition my future university is running for free tuition and I found out today that I’m through to the final round along with 5 other people! I’ll be making my way up to Cardiff in a few weeks to compete for the final prize but I’ve already won a part scholarship which makes me really happy!

If you would like to see, this is my entry to the last round – it is a very rough and quick stop-motion animation all about myself which was part of the round we were doing. I’ll be required to give a presentation on Maths when I go up which is really daunting and will have a few interviews – fingers crossed it will go well!

I’ll hopefully have some nice new photos/illustrations to post soon!