My First Commission.

So, whilst I’m on here updating you about my 2013, it would make sense to mention what was probably my biggest achievement of the year. I was asked by my university (Cardiff University) to create an animation for them called “5 Reasons Students Love Cardiff”. You can watch it below.

Creating the animation was such a huge project for me, the first of anything like it that I have done. Here are a few of the stills from the production process.





The process was based on how I have animated in the past – creating and colouring in line drawings frame by frame in Photoshop. This meant I had to save almost every time I drew a line or coloured in a small section which did get quite frustrating. There must be an easier way!

Does any one else animate in this way or have any suggestions?

In an exciting turn of events I actually got asked to do another commission following on from a potential client seeing this video. This animation is now finished and I am hoping to share it with you as soon as it has been released by the company!

Nina x

February to June 2013

This was a time crazy with revision and work so not a lot happened, here are a few sketches that did find their way out though.


Texture Experiment

This was an experiment into creating images by cutting out pages, and using cut outs to create further images.

Personal Bookwork

This was a quick sketch interpretation of a piece of writing I have done. It is Part One of a three part series which I would like to upload in full once it is completed.

In The Sky

This was another experiment, to see how cross hatching worked as the night sky. It is a lot less troublesome than ‘colouring’ the whole sky in a pen drawing but it gives the impression of darkness still.

I was a little sad about the amount of work I got done in this period but I enjoyed what I did do, and they have provided some inspiration for future work.

Nina x

Hello again

It seems that I am at my most productive artistically when I am supposed to be revising Maths. A return to Word Press definitely seems more interesting than Matrix Algebra in any case. However, I’m hoping that this won’t be just a quick stop. I have started a new art project recently (52 weeks of self portraits) which is going to be fun and I’m hoping to start doing some more illustrations too!


Forgive me for the ridiculous number of updates you might get tonight but I think its about time things changed round here! I’ll put up a month by month update of what has happened in 2013 (for the months that something DID happen!) as a catch up.


To existing followers, thank you for you patience – please bear with me! Doing a maths degree and trying to become an artist is more difficult than anticipated… And to any potential followers – please follow! You will see all sorts of new things in the next couple of months and I promise they are worth a click of a button.


Nina x

A Weekend In Cardiff.

Ben came down to me this weekend in Cardiff, which was a great opportunity for me to walk around as though I was a tourist too…

I picked him up on Friday night and we took loads of pictures of the stunning Royal Welsh School of Music.

It’s so photogenic at night! 

In the morning we woke up, had Coco Pops and went down to Cardiff Town! My mission was to explore the shopping areas and actually learn where I was going in the town centre… Our first stop was Queen’s shopping centre. I couldn’t help taking a picture of the glass ceiling looking very attractive in the sun – I love sunny days!

Next on the agenda was exploring some of the old Victorian Arcades, and we found my favourite shop of the day. I have always loved book shops – they remind me of old copies of Jane Eyre and nights under covers reading until dawn.
Check out what we found!!

I have to admit it was love at first sight. There are literally books going up to the ceiling. What’s more this continues into an upper floor filled with sci-fi and horror books and then a basement filled with War books and very very old volumes in Welsh. I wished I lived in this shop.

After all the walking we had done thus far we bought an amazing marshmallow tower cupcake from Cardiff Market (NB – Go there.) and finally lay down in the cold autumn air on some crackling leaves and closed our eyes.

Finally, after a brilliant night of watching The Holiday and cooking sausage sandwiches Ben had to go back home. Cardiff Bus station is going to hold so many memories by the end of this year.


Until next time x

365: Week 10

This week has been full of ups and downs. Uni isn’t going so well, and to be honest I wish with all my heart that  I was taking Photography or Graphic design – but there we go. I’ve made my choice and I’m going to make myself stick with it.

Here are this weeks photos for you – I also have another post for this evening which will be going up shortly, with a small photo diary of this weekend, which has been lovely to say the least.


Day Sixty Nine.


Day Seventy.


Day Seventy One.


Day Seventy Two.


Day Seventy Three.


Day Seventy Four.


Day Seventy Five.


Hope you enjoy this weeks worth :]











Here’s To Distance

I made the first trip up to Aberystwyth this weekend to see Ben and obviously brought my camera…


NB you may need to double click on this to bring it up in a seperate window for it to play! 

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.

My first animated GIF. (3 loops only, refresh to watch again!)

However far it gets, I hope we’ll always be those people dancing in front of a tripod, no matter how many people are watching.