Here’s To Distance

I made the first trip up to Aberystwyth this weekend to see Ben and obviously brought my camera…


NB you may need to double click on this to bring it up in a seperate window for it to play! 

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.

My first animated GIF. (3 loops only, refresh to watch again!)

However far it gets, I hope we’ll always be those people dancing in front of a tripod, no matter how many people are watching.



365: Week 10

Week Ten!

It HAS come around quickly! Almost a fifth of the way through my project! :]

Here are this weeks photos, I really do apologise for spamming you all with so many uploads tonight – I hope noone minds too much!

Day Sixty Two


Day Sixty Three.


Day Sixty Four.


Day Sixty Five.


Day Sixty Six.


Day Sixty Seven.


Day Sixty Eight.


For more info on the photos (as always!) please see my Flickr account – although I am no longer uploading every photo there, just the ones that I feel are my best :]


Thank you everyone! Your support means a lot,


Nina x







365: Week 9

The moving to uni week. I am so so sorry that it has taken me so long to catch up everyone, moving to uni has taken all my time – plus I couldn’t figure out how to work the internet for about 3 days – sigh.


Exciting stuff!




365: Week 7

Here is the next weeks worth of photos including some holiday shots from my visit to Malta – some of these were taken on my compact so they’re not so great but it was easier than carrying around my chunky Canon!



Keep a look out for another post soon!


nina x