So, I am free! Free to do what ever I like for this one summer – to be honest this is probably my last summer of freedom… ever? Next summer I’ll have Uni work, and the 2 after and then I’ll be entering the wonderful world of work and summer holidays just won’t exist anymore 😦

To start I’ve begun my full re-read of the Harry Potter books to recapture my imagination for the summer and I’ve been doing loads of editing on my new toy – Lightroom! I love it ❤

I’ve always hated editing because it always felt like everyone else knew some secret about it that I didn’t, but now that I’m getting the hang of this I am loving it!!

Here are some of my attempts so far…

Not amazing I know but it’s a learning curve – and what a fun one!

Hope you’re all having a lovely lovely week 🙂

Nina x


Dreams come true

I’ve always loved music, music is another beautiful thing that really makes up my life. I love alternative-rock and going to gigs and waiting for hours to be on the barrier.

Then I also love classical, and going to see orchestras play live because they really are beautiful things to watch, everyone knows exactly what they are doing and scuttle round the pit or the stage to produce the most amazing sounds.

I think even if I were deaf I would still go to classical concerts just to watch them play – it really is mesmerising!

This is my violin :] I always wanted to play in an orchestra, but I have played recorder from a young age. I’m not half bad at recorder but I have always been jealous of people who could play in groups and make such beautiful music.

So a year ago I got the chance to start violin lessons! Unfortunately because it has been through my A Level studies I haven’t had as much time to practise as I would have liked but still I enjoy it and I now play in a Junior String Orchestra!

And this photo is of my beautiful instrument that I saved up for – I love it far too much!

Hope you’re having a lovely week!

Nina x

It’s Almost Over

I’m trying to survive this last week of exams, I feel so ill and run down!

But to cheer me, and everyone else, up here is a pretty picture of the blossom that I posted a few months ago cropped into a polaroid type frame and with edited colours 🙂


The result makes me very cheerful and is keeping me going through these nasty exams!

Hope you’re all having a good week 🙂

Nina x

Wuthering Heights

So, my English Literature exam is in almost a weeks time and I am meant to be revising my legs off for it but instead what have I been doing? Drawing characters, although it IS the closest to revision I have got over the last few weeks – maths has mainly taken over my life…

I do apologise for the shocking quality but I took this with my webcam because I don’t have access to a working scanner 😦

I have some mockups of Isabella and Cathy (snr) too but they are pretty awful and I want to refine them (a lot) before I put them online anywhere!

I think Edgar looks quite a lot like a Ken Barbie Doll but I guess that goes with his personality ;]

I do like Wuthering Heights, but I’m just getting a bit sick of it now really. The little sketches I’ve done of the characters have mainly been from when Cathy, Heathcliff and Edgar were younger and more free and to be honest, that’s my favourite part of the book.

I have a few ideas for interactions between them all, basically up to the end of the first volume but I need time to do those and I don’t think I should give myself over to it until my exams are finished! Although it is so tempting…

Finally, in case you happen to be interested these cartoons are HUGELY inspired by Burdge on Deviant Art, you should check out her work, it is amazing! Go on, have a quick look ;]

Goodnight, and happy Tuesday!


Inspiring Creativity

So I’ve said I’m on a mission to document beautiful things, right? Well, since exams are hitting me with full force I am sharing with you someone else’s beautiful things :]

I have so so many creative things lined up for the summer! I’ve just been asked to be a Godmother (EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) so I really want to try to make a quilt for my brand-new baby God-daughter for her Christening!

Then I have lots of reading to do too, I’m going to start a reading journal and try and read every book on one of those ‘to read before you die’ lists.

I can’t wait to have all this time on my hands! Revision makes me feel a bit lost on the creative side of things :[ Last but certainly not least I have my 18th birthday coming up and I’m going to go mad on the whole kids-tea-party-infused-with-vodka thing, and also with the bunting, I’ll put some pictures of it up because I’m planning for it to be very very pretty :]

So, finally (!) todays inspiring creative… things?

Meet the Owlies!

                    Aren’t they adorable?!

These little guys are created by Sarah Goldschadt using old clothes and materials that would otherwise be given away / thrown away.

I think that they are an amazing way to reuse fabrics, and they look so easy to make on the tutorial she has put up on her blog. I’m practically itching to throw away my clothes so that I can use them to make little owls!

I’m planning to make them look really funky using some cool constrasting colours or fabrics :] They can be made any size so make good toys, cushions and even, as Sarah has shown, into a baby mobile!

Can’t wait to get started on them!

Have a good weekend! And to everyone in the UK, enjoy the Jubilee!

nina x