Nina and Ben – Style Experiment

So this is my quick attempt at a tablet sketch of me and my boyfriend, Ben. The drawing really isn’t great but the style was fun to try – needs a lot more practice though… But, practice makes perfect after all!










He makes me blush like that a lot – isn’t that sad ;]



Photoshop Fun



So this is my attempt at creating on Photoshop from quite a while ago… I know it’s really not great Photoshop work but I’m rubbish at it haha :] I was having fun with Bokeh and trying out the effect when I realised it looked quite a lot like stars in the sky – and so this was born. It’s just a little scene that fell out my head.


I was experimenting with the clone tool which was fun, you can see around the moon where I rubbed out a few of the ‘stars’! Yeah, I need to get the hang of that…



Cardiff Challenge Results!

For a few months now I’ve been making my way through a competition my future university is running for free tuition and I found out today that I’m through to the final round along with 5 other people! I’ll be making my way up to Cardiff in a few weeks to compete for the final prize but I’ve already won a part scholarship which makes me really happy!

If you would like to see, this is my entry to the last round – it is a very rough and quick stop-motion animation all about myself which was part of the round we were doing. I’ll be required to give a presentation on Maths when I go up which is really daunting and will have a few interviews – fingers crossed it will go well!

I’ll hopefully have some nice new photos/illustrations to post soon!


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

I recently did a few illustrations as part of my Graphic Design exam project on Fairy Tales.

My final pieces should be illustrations on Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid and hopefully Snow White if I get my act together! This illustration was based on a model wearing a coat on – I loved the idea of Riding Hood wearing fur as I’m trying to create ‘alternative’ approaches to the traditional messages the fairy tales gave. It’s not perfect by any stretch but I was really happy with it. The trees were part of a vector pack and the fur was just a texture I found online.

There’s a long way to go on this but I’ll keep it updated – I also can’t wait to start doing some new things when my exam project is given in and all my other final exams are over!


PS This illustration was also largely inspired by Daniel Egneus who I might do a separate post on – I love his style!

National Trust Visit

I recently went to a National Trust property near to where I live and brought my camera because it was such a sunny day! Really strange when it’s April and feels like Spain…

Anyway, I took a load of photos but these two stood out as my favourites. Being outdoors is the most wonderful thing. :] I haven’t edited either of them, I’m still learning my way around Photoshop and anyway, I thought that they were pretty enough on their own!


Revival of my site!

I have decided to update my WordPress site!

As of now it’s going to be filled with interesting and pretty things I find and create, along with a book review or two for good measure! I was thinking of having a seperate blog for each but I thought it would be much more fun for everything to be muddled in together for a big explosion of pretty things on one page!

I’ll leave my review of The Island up, it was an amazing book, and from now on will try to put new interesting things in as frequently as I can!